Only because we want to

Posted in Bidness, mixtapes on January 31st, 2014 by Bass

We are spoiling you.

But our January Happening was SO FREAKIN HAPPENING, we’ve decided to share it.

Take note. Maybe take several.

January 13th Happening mixtape

The Impassable Chasm knows…..

Posted in Bidness, mixtapes on December 24th, 2013 by Bass

TIC knows when you’ve been sleeping.
TIC knows when you’re awake.
TIC knows how bad you’ve been
But has little opinion either way.

Such is the nature of impassability, and chasmicalness. Reality exists regardless of motive or intention.

In accordance w. the laws of nature, we present to you another mixtape as an offering. May you accept and appreciate the following…….

2013 EOY Mixtape for The Undeserving

Assembled using original audio files created between 9/18/13 and 12/18/13. This recording contains no frets.

EOY Mixtapes

Posted in Bidness, mixtapes on December 26th, 2012 by Bass

You have been patient. Here is your reward. Mixtapes from 3 happenings that occurred during the 2nd half of 2012. Look for expeditions to Oakland locals in the near future. Until then, remember:

you cannot pass the chasm
you cannot pass the chasm
you cannot pass the chasm……

July 18th

  • 14
  • 9 with voices
  • Relevant viscose

September 5th

  • Latinwhole-half
  • B-Conception
  • Nothing can stop
  • Expedite more

Lost Recording (1st)

  • Chordlike
  • Salted strawberry
  • Deconstructed stay go
  • Shape montage melody

May Mixtape!

Posted in Bidness, mixtapes on May 24th, 2012 by Bass

Yes, you read right. The May Mixtape is now available. Spliced together from some preliminary sessions, here is approximately 5 mins and 44 seconds of un-inhibited The Impassable Chasm (as well as a few seconds of blank space). It’s a little jerky, which is mostly on purpose.

We greatly enjoyed the last Expedition, and look forward to the next. Leave a message if you are interested in being involved….

The Impassable Chasm – May Mixtape


  • One Note (Db)
  • third-Fourth
  • pensive
  • shade-bovs
  • interpretations of sexual machinery
  • Tenet #5 (nae ?s)
  • that one (alteration of a merengue)

If you can figure out what is what, and play an instrument, we should hang out sometime.