May Mixtape!

Yes, you read right. The May Mixtape is now available. Spliced together from some preliminary sessions, here is approximately 5 mins and 44 seconds of un-inhibited The Impassable Chasm (as well as a few seconds of blank space). It’s a little jerky, which is mostly on purpose.

We greatly enjoyed the last Expedition, and look forward to the next. Leave a message if you are interested in being involved….

The Impassable Chasm – May Mixtape


  • One Note (Db)
  • third-Fourth
  • pensive
  • shade-bovs
  • interpretations of sexual machinery
  • Tenet #5 (nae ?s)
  • that one (alteration of a merengue)

If you can figure out what is what, and play an instrument, we should hang out sometime.

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