The Chasm is Coming…

Do not ask how, or why, or what. Only know that IT. IS. VERY. VERY. CHASMICAL.

The Impassable Chasm will be conceptualizing some improvisations for you on Tuesday, April 10th, providing entertainment in between some crazy-assed-circus acts. It’s a fundraiser for the Living Dream Arts non-profit, and they have wisely chosen The Impassable Chasm as one of their attention-getting-mechanisms. Smart people.

It's always a good idea to add more Impassable Chasm.

Set time is still TBA, but The Impassable Chasm have some very special things planned for you, which may or may not involve bass guitar and drums. There is only one way to find out. The fundraiser will take place at:

Brick and Mortar
1710 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA
7 – 11 pm

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