Announcement of a Post,

Which is actually A Page.

These are the tenets. There may be more. This is what there is now.

  1. The Impassable Chasm does not make compositions. Compositions are a thing of delicate planning and intention. Chasms do not come about through a series of specifically intentioned events – chasms are something that just happen. Thus, the Impassable Chasm (hereafter referred to TIC) is not a band or songwriting entity, merely it is something of notice that has happened, and we invite others to participate in the recognition of such a happening.
  2. There may in fact be songs that TIC is playing to, but that does not mean that TIC is performing a cover of a song. The song would be the part only TIC can hear.
  3. TIC does not employ songwriting techniques, as they do not write songs. However, TIC’s certain procedural examinations of themes may reoccur from time to time, resulting in what a listener may potentially consider to be a recognizable interpretation of a performance they have witnessed before.┬áThese are similiarities, but not the same.
  4. TIC is not bound to any definitions except for their own.
  5. TIC is serious, but life is not, so smile. Or it could be the other way around. TIC is not telling.
  6. TIC does not answer any questions.

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