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It is unfortunate, but the previous update proved to be false.

The Second Expedition will be postponed. It is unfortunate, but there is nothing that can be done. An act of good faith follows:

nOthIng Kan
st0p in y0u F@ce
plucKy fourTeen
ch0rDy jAzz l@tIn
wh0le STRAWberry

Stay Strong.

Second Expedition coming to Oakland on 1/30!

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It was foretold, and like all fortellings, things have come to (im)pass.

The Impassable Chasm will hold their Second Expedition on Wednesday, January 30th at the dwelling of Dan.

Location: 56th Ave & Shattuck, Oakland, CA
Time: 7 or 8 pm (whenever Bass arrives)
Featuring: The Impassable Chasm, Everyone’s Favorite Karaoke Machine, and SpaceTime
Cost: Priceless (or possibly $5)
Involving: Explorations of themes relating to the impassability of the Chasm, modulations of metaphysical implications, and the organization of dealios not yet unpacked


EOY Mixtapes

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You have been patient. Here is your reward. Mixtapes from 3 happenings that occurred during the 2nd half of 2012. Look for expeditions to Oakland locals in the near future. Until then, remember:

you cannot pass the chasm
you cannot pass the chasm
you cannot pass the chasm……

July 18th

  • 14
  • 9 with voices
  • Relevant viscose

September 5th

  • Latinwhole-half
  • B-Conception
  • Nothing can stop
  • Expedite more

Lost Recording (1st)

  • Chordlike
  • Salted strawberry
  • Deconstructed stay go
  • Shape montage melody

Only Sort of a Mixtape

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This is a somewhat spliced together recording of Dan throwing his bundles of sticks all over the practice space as a result of embodying pure pluckiness (which was of course, in the spirit of things).

Dropping Sticks (Plucky!) 11/28/12

(Every time both instruments cease, it is due to a bundle of sticks being hurled from Daniel’s hands. All bundle hurling is captured in real time.)

Clarifications PT 1

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It is important to understand that The Impassable Chasm is TRULY impassable. This means that any routes taken are unlikely to be similar to any other, and will NEVER EVER result in the opposite side of The Impassable Chasm that was started with. That would indicate that passing the chasm is possible, which is completely FALSE.

TIC prefers to offer up the question, “Where Did You Start And Where Are You Going” to the larger population. One goal is to assist one in contemplating both the question and the answer, by providing understanding that where you go is not important because you will NEVER PASS THE CHASM. It is all about the expedition. Resolution is only an Illusion.

May Mixtape!

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Yes, you read right. The May Mixtape is now available. Spliced together from some preliminary sessions, here is approximately 5 mins and 44 seconds of un-inhibited The Impassable Chasm (as well as a few seconds of blank space). It’s a little jerky, which is mostly on purpose.

We greatly enjoyed the last Expedition, and look forward to the next. Leave a message if you are interested in being involved….

The Impassable Chasm – May Mixtape


  • One Note (Db)
  • third-Fourth
  • pensive
  • shade-bovs
  • interpretations of sexual machinery
  • Tenet #5 (nae ?s)
  • that one (alteration of a merengue)

If you can figure out what is what, and play an instrument, we should hang out sometime.

The Chasm is Coming…

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Do not ask how, or why, or what. Only know that IT. IS. VERY. VERY. CHASMICAL.

The Impassable Chasm will be conceptualizing some improvisations for you on Tuesday, April 10th, providing entertainment in between some crazy-assed-circus acts. It’s a fundraiser for the Living Dream Arts non-profit, and they have wisely chosen The Impassable Chasm as one of their attention-getting-mechanisms. Smart people.

It's always a good idea to add more Impassable Chasm.

Set time is still TBA, but The Impassable Chasm have some very special things planned for you, which may or may not involve bass guitar and drums. There is only one way to find out. The fundraiser will take place at:

Brick and Mortar
1710 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA
7 – 11 pm

Announcement of a Post,

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Which is actually A Page.

These are the tenets. There may be more. This is what there is now.

  1. The Impassable Chasm does not make compositions. Compositions are a thing of delicate planning and intention. Chasms do not come about through a series of specifically intentioned events – chasms are something that just happen. Thus, the Impassable Chasm (hereafter referred to TIC) is not a band or songwriting entity, merely it is something of notice that has happened, and we invite others to participate in the recognition of such a happening.
  2. There may in fact be songs that TIC is playing to, but that does not mean that TIC is performing a cover of a song. The song would be the part only TIC can hear.
  3. TIC does not employ songwriting techniques, as they do not write songs. However, TIC’s certain procedural examinations of themes may reoccur from time to time, resulting in what a listener may potentially consider to be a recognizable interpretation of a performance they have witnessed before.┬áThese are similiarities, but not the same.
  4. TIC is not bound to any definitions except for their own.
  5. TIC is serious, but life is not, so smile. Or it could be the other way around. TIC is not telling.
  6. TIC does not answer any questions.

Some things

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Some things are not meant to be understood. The Impassable Chasm is one of them.

Comprised of some strings and circular objects covered in skin (human, it is rumored), The Impassable Chasm exists on the basis of supply and demand. Many incarnations have been, but the present is the present (which at one point disguised itself as the rhythm section for Wee the Band).

The Impassable Chasm is real however, do not doubt. Ignorance of The Impassable Chasm is no excuse.

It's The Impassable Chasm Motherfuckers!

Those Who Respect, May One Day Understand